Tree Surgeons in Havant

Some jobs really are best left to the professionals and tree work is in the top 10 list! From regular tree maintenance to complete removal, Havant has a great number of qualified tree experts ready and waiting to help.


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Jobs Havant Tree Surgeons can undertake

Regular pruning / maintenance
To help keep your tree(s) under control, it’s recommended to keep them in check by having regular checks and pruning. This ensures that they stay looking great, but also means that any unsafe branches and growth are sorted before it causes damage.

Tree felling / removal
If you are looking to remove a tree it’s best left to those who know what they are doing! Not only is felling large trees a tricky job, but many have TPO (tree preservation orders) against them which makes it illegal to remove without gaining permission. The Tree Surgeon you employ will be able to carry out all the checks and apply for any permission needed before work starts at your property.

Stump Grinding
This is the process used to completely remove the final bottom half of a tree after it has been cut down. The machine used eats away at the stump and means you wont have to spend many hours digging away to remove the last part of the tree!